Street Style Veg Hakka Noodles

Rupali Bakkam
3 min readOct 28, 2020
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Veg hakka Noodles are a very popular dish in India and Indo China. Veg hakka noodles is one of the very delicious dishes found across the world. When noodle lovers heard the name of veg hakka noodles, mouths started watering. Veg hakka noodles can be eaten as a side dish with veg fried rice and gobi manchurian. It’s a good dish for dinner. There are a lot of noodles available in the market. Choose the right one noodle for the veg hakka noodles. Chings hakka noodles are the best for this dish. It is very easily available in the Indian Market. Street style veg hakka noodles are easily made at home with easily available ingredients at home. Noodles can make very healthy uses of vegetables. It’s very healthy to eat. Street style veg hakka noodles is the combination of boiled noodles and vegetables and chinese sauce it enhances the taste of flavour.


  • 1 packet ching Hakka noodles
  • 10 to 12 garlic cloves (finely chopped)
  • 1 inch Ginger (finely chopped)
  • 1 green chilli (finely chopped)
  • 1 small bowl spring onion green part (finely chopped)
  • 1 small bowl spring Onion Bulb (thin sliced)
  • 1 small bowl cabbage (thin sliced)
  • 1 small bowl capsicum (thin sliced)
  • 1 small bowl carrot (thin sliced)
  • 1 tsp black soya sauce
  • 1 tsp green chilli sauce
  • 2 tsp red chilli sauce
  • 1 glass water
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 3 tsp oil
  • Pinch of black paper


  • First turn on the flame, put it on the pot to add into the 1 glass of water and boiled it. Then add ½ tsp salt and 1 tsp of oil and boil it.
  • When water is boiled then add into the ching hakka noodles into the boiled water. And noodles to cook it. Do not over cook. Cook for 5 minutes on high flame.
  • Then stain the hot noodles. And rinse the cold water into the noodles. And add 1 tsp of oil and oil spread into the noodles.
  • After that Turn on the flame, put it on the pan and add 1 tsp of Oil.
  • When oil is heated on high flame then add into the finely chopped garlic and ginger and finely chopped green chilli and all to mix well.
  • After that add thin sliced spring onion bulbs and stir it. When the onion changes to a light golden colour then add some green part of spring onion. And mix well
  • Then add thin sliced capsicum, carrot and cabbage and all to mix well. These vegetables cook for 1 to 2 minutes on high flame.
  • After that add to it boiled noodles and add ½ salt and pinch of black paper and all to mix well.
  • Then add into the 1 tsp of black soya sauce, 1 ts green chilli sauce and 2 tsp of red chilli sauce and mix it.
  • After that add into the green part of spring onion and toss it well.
  • Then street style veg hakka noodles ready to serve.
  • Serve this hot noodles with schezwan chutney.



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